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"The Never-Ending Break-Up Make-Up Storytelling Comic Book Generator" (or NEGBUMCSBG as we like to call it ) arose from an interest in storytelling, comics, and the desire to create a shared space that not only allowed participants to create stories but also allowed individuals to locate and connect similar stories, or other similarly minded storytellers.

We are Dan O'Sullivan (programmer - itp.nyu.edu/~dano) and Marianne R. Petit (illustrator/animator - mariannepetit.com) and we first started this project in the spring of 2002. In searching for a universal theme we initially selected "breaking up" and subsequently added "making up" as time went by. The truth is, however, that we really see this as a shell or framework for making and connecting stories-- a framework that can house any theme and any artwork. And so, we see this as an example of comicable -- a tool for storytelling.

We have tried to make the authoring and sharing functionality skinnable. That means that theoretically if you put different graphics into a flash movie and follow a slightly tedious naming convention, you would get our functionality without writing any code. We have never tried it but if you are brave...

We hope you enjoy it. This is in beta version. Please feel free to contact us.

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